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Xcode launch arguments cheat sheet


-com.apple.CoreData.SQLDebug [1,2,3]
  print SQL queries
-com.apple.CoreData.Logging.stderr [1,2,3]
  to be used with SQLDebug
-com.apple.CoreData.ConcurrencyDebug [1,2,3]
  show and halt on concurrency issues
-com.apple.CoreData.SyntaxColoredLogging [1]
  enable syntax coloring
-com.apple.CoreData.SQLiteDebugSynchronous [0,1,2]
-com.apple.CoreData.SQLiteIntegrityCheck [1]
  enable additional integrity checking
-com.apple.CoreData.MigrationDebug [1]
  log information about exceptional migration cases
-com.apple.CoreData.ThreadingDebug [1,2,3]
  enables assertions to enforce Core Data's multi-threading policy


-AppleLocale en_GB
  starts app with selected locale
-AppleLanguages (en)
  starts app with selected locale
-NSShowNonLocalizedString [YES,NO]
  highlight non localised strings
-NSDoubleLocalizedString [YES,NO]
   double strings to test layout

User Interface

-NSForceRightToLeftWritingDirection [YES,NO]
   enforces right to left
-UIViewShowAlignmentRects [YES,NO]
  shows alignment rects
-UIStateRestorationDebugLogging [YES,NO]
  enable restoration debugging
-UIStateRestorationDeveloperMode [YES,NO]
  skip the deletion of the restoration archive when the app crashes
-UIViewLayoutFeedbackLoopDebuggingThreshold <Threshold>
  Threshold determines number of layout iterations until it is considered a feedback loop




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